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Two years || 06.30.06
Wow, it's awful dusty in here.

Guess I should have hired someone to diary-sit for me, huh?

I'm seriously not expecting anyone to read this as it seems that most of "the gang" have also wandered away, for various reasons.

My Buddy List is 90% in the red, with people having updated over 90 days ago.

Truth be told, I'm absolutely shocked that my diary wasn't archived. It's been almost two years since my last update. Wonder how I snuck under the noses of the Diaryland Gawds?

Ah well, who am I to question things. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this diary, if anything. I may give it a go. I've got another journal elsewhere -- no, you can't have the url for it. :p

Heh, truth be told I haven't updated in that one in several days, although there's an excellent reason for it, which I'm way too tired to get into now.

I was up, fighting insomnia, and thought I'd pop over here for shits n giggles. I do plan on going thru the Buddy List later though and then deciding what I'm going to do about diaryland.

Hope ya'll have all been well and happy during my long, long absence.

Until next time~

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